Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wiwitness Tools for Your Website Reputation Management

What Do You Get When You Use Wiwitness?
Here are the tools that make your websites convert more visitors into revenue.

Trust Widgets

You will get widgets to display and collect verifiable testimonials of your choice on your website.
Trust Widget will have business validation seal by Wiwitness and socially verifiable* testimonials.
  • Instill confidence in your visitors
  • Increase conversion rates
* There is significant difference in impact on visitor when you display testimonials whose origin can be verified in real time.
  • Wiwitness validation of your website and display validation information on your website.
  • Real time customization of testimonials based on priority, recency and other business needs of your website
Displaying Trust Widget on your website can be done by adding small JavaScript to your website.
It is so simple, it can be done in less than 30 seconds.

Java Script code to embed Wiwitness widget on customer site

Responsive Business Page

When you start using Wiwitness you will get a Responsive Business Page. On this page visitors can find your business verification status, and all the testimonials managed by you. The Trust Widgets on your website are linked to your business page.
  • This instant verification more than anything will establish that crucial trust and credibility with your customers.
  • Responsive web design (RWD)* is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience - across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)
  • Business Page is specially designed to influence customer conversion rate and also to rank better with search engines.
  • Your business page will have options to collect testimonials from your customers social identity.

*Google recommended SEO practice. Link
Sample Responsive Business Page


You can manage your testimonials, widgets and business pages in a single dashboard.
Here are the two short videos showing using Wiwitnss dashboard for creating your business profiles and managing testimonials.


  • Right out of the gate, you'll learn a step-by-step system that delivers definable, repeatable results that would boost your business profits.
  • With our members only study materials, you'll also learn a series of powerful methodologies and processes so that you become nothing less than the most competitive enterprise on earth when it comes to building on-website reputation.
  • All subscription plans come with free email support. We will respond to all questions.

Get the benefits of Verifiable Testimonials. Signup for Wiwitness.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Verifiable Testimonials Explained

In this blog post I will address the following:
  1. What is a verifiable testimonial?
  2. Verifiable testimonials using Wiwitness
    1. Collect
    2. Manage
    3. Display
  3. How visitors can verify

What is a verifiable testimonial?

Testimonial is a "personal recommendation in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim". TFD(The Free Dictionary)defines testimonial as
"a recommendation of the character, ability, etc., of a person or of the quality of a consumer product or service, esp by a person whose opinion is valued"
Testimonials have been used effectively to sell a wide range of products for centuries. Key point here is, when you use testimonials, you should know how to use it effectively.
Effectiveness  of the testimonial depends on two factors:
  1. What has been said in the testimonial.
  2. Who has given the testimonial.
Testimonial author's identity should be verifiable in real time.

Let's try to explore these factors in little more detail.

What has been said in the testimonial:

I'll keep this section short. A lot has been said about what should be covered in a testimonial. The content of the testimonial should be thoroughly reviewed before displaying on your website. Since testimonials are critical for boosting your conversion rate, you are likely to feature them on your home page and other landing pages. Testimonials should therefore be given utmost care to make sure:
  1. They are free from obvious spelling and grammar errors
  2. Specific to a certain product or service
  3. Clearly highlight the benefits of your service/product

Who has given the testimonial:

Notice the last part of the definition I mentioned above:
....esp by a person whose opinion is valued" 
This clearly highlights the importance of author of the testimonial. When you have testimonial on your website, your visitors should able to verify the identity of its author.
When a visitor can not verify the identity of testimonial's author, either he will suspect it or ignore it. In either case your testimonial is not effective.

Hence, to get most out of testimonials, it is critical for you to let your visitors know the identity of testimonial's author. And that is useful only if they can verify it in real time.

Now that we know the importance of verifiable testimonials, we'll see how to get them for your website using Wiwitness.
Using Wiwitness you can collect,manage and display verifiable testimonials. And it is simple and and easy to do.

How do we do that?

  1. Wiwitness allows you to collect testimonials using your clients' social networking identity.
    When you signup with Wiwitness, your business will get a responsive landing page similar to this. You can find "Write Now" button at top right corner of the page. Your clients can write testimonials using their social identities.
  2. Managing the testimonials collected.
    When your business receives a new testimonial, you will be notified with an email about the same. New testimonials will be in pending state and are not displayed to public. You can login to Wiwitness dashboard and accept or hide the new testimonials received.
  3. Displaying the verifiable testimonials to your visitors.
    You can display the testimonials to your visitors in two ways
    1. On your responsive business page.
    2. Using testimonial widgets.

How visitor can verify the identity of the testimonial author?

Each testimonial displayed by Wiwitness system will have name and photo of the testimonial author. Name and photos are linked to author's social identity.

Here is a sample Testimonial widget , you can verify the identity of the testimonial authors by clicking on their name or photo.

Get the benefits of Verifiable Testimonials. Signup for Wiwitness.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wiwitness is Live!

We are excited to announce that Wiwitness(Beta) is now live!
    Wiwitness is a Systematic Reputation Management Solution for Online Businesses. Wiwitness will enable you to automate the testimonial collection process. With it's powerful website builder you can create responsive landing page for your business.

The main features of Wiwitness include:
  1. Fully responsive landing page for your business.
  2. Highly flexible "trust widget" to display testimonials on your website.
  3. Set of tools that give fine-grained control over testimonials.
These powerful set of features, backed by comprehensive help and video tutorials.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified about new features and video tutorials.

The website is up and running. Our early adopters are loving the product. Take a look at this sample page. Want to see our cool trust widget in action? See it here.

Though we have aimed at building intuitive user experience with easy-to-use tools, becoming familiar with our website may take some time. While we are working on adding more help materials, we are more than happy to assist if you need help with specific task.

We have made it easy for you to contact us. You can leave a comment on our Facebook Page or send an email to

Why wait? Go explore

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Get the benefits of Verifiable Testimonials. Signup for Wiwitness.

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