Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Integrate Wiwitness with your BigCommerce Store

Wiwitness helps BigCommerce customers to increase conversion rate using verifiable testimonials.
       Benefits of using Wiwitness widgets in BigCommerce:
  •  Increase conversion rate Verifiable testimonial builds the trust factor of your customers.
  •  Easy maintenance You can maintain all the testimonials in one place, Wiwitness dashboard.
  •  Make your website stand out from the crowd – It’s all about differentiating your website from others!
If you are not signed up with Wiwitness already, you'll need to do so. Please sign up with Wiwitness using your Facebook or Google account and create a widget for your BigCommerce store first.

For setting up Wiwitness please read this quick action guide .
Follow these steps to add Wiwitness widget code to your BigCommerce store:
1. Sign in to store's admin

2. Click the design link on right top

BigCommerce dashboard
Big Commerce dashboard

3. Click browse template files

BigCommerce dashboard
BigCommerce dashboard

4. Edit Footer.html file

BigCommerce dashboard
Template files

5. Copy-paste Wiwitness widget code into Footer.html and save the file

wiwitness dashboard
Wiwitness widget settings
               Get it from Wiwitness Dashboard > Your page > Widgets > Create widget

That's it! Your BigCommerce store is now ready with Wiwitness testimonial widget. You can customize your Testimonial numbers, Testimonials, Tab header, Color , Widget type in your Wiwitness dashboard. No code changes are needed on your store.

If you stuck in any of the steps please contact Wiwitness support for help.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Helpful resources on internet about website testimonials

resources about testimonials

Harnessing The Power Of Customer Testimonials On Websites

Good testimonials sell  everywhere and all the time, only reason most testimonials don't sell is people don't trust their validity. When  identity of the testimonial giver is not verifiable, it is natural to suspect the authenticity of it... http://blog.wiwitness.com/2013/06/harnessing-power-of-customer.html

Why Your Customer Testimonials Are NOT Working

As marketers we understand the power of social proof. We use it every day in our marketing materials to build trust with potential customers and convince them to buy... http://unbounce.com/conversion-rate-optimization/why-customer-testimonials/

How to Effectively Use Testimonials

Testimonials. They can do wonders for your business as long as they are used the right way... http://www.quicksprout.com/2010/10/21/how-to-effectively-use-testimonials/

Are Customer Testimonials Smart Marketing Tools?

The fact that [someone] is willing to put herself out there can be very persuasive... http://www.forbes.com/2008/05/27/alloy-customer-testimonial-ent-sales-cx_ll_0527tipofthedaytestimonial.html

7 Simple Ways to Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

It sounds easy to create and use testimonials, but most people don’t know how to use them... http://www.quicksprout.com/2013/07/15/7-simple-ways-to-convert-your-visitors-into-customers/

Using Customer Testimonials

Testimonials can create believability, credibility and a sense of security for your customers. Here are ways to get and use powerful testimonials... http://www.businessknowhow.com/marketing/custtest.htm

Make it easy to get testimonial

We all want to get testimonials from our customers, but of course! There really is no better way to lend credibility to what you are offering than to hear how it has helped others... http://www.onlinebusinessmanager.com/blog/archives/486

Testimonials: The Bang Without The Buck

Enter the strongest selling point for any organization-the TESTIMONIAL. With great testimonials you will be able to:

24 New Rules Of Testimonials In Small Business Marketing

The following is a list of guidelines and rules that can be used to help entrepreneurs collect, develop and use customer testimonials in their small business marketing. It’s important to use testimonials the right way because it’s definitely frowned upon to use a testimonial in a misleading way... http://understandingmarketing.com/2010/03/25/new-rules-of-testimonials-in-small-business-marketing/

Earn customer trust - use power testimonials

It's as old as the very concept of marketing, and the principle is the same whether your product offering is off-line or online. Using testimonials to promote products and services has proven to be one of the most effective ways to build credibility and earn customer trust... http://www.writeedge.com/articles/customertrust.asp

Using Testimonials Effectively

Skepticism toward this marketing tactic, combined with the spread of Web 2.0 style user ratings, has raised the bar for marketers. As testimonials and other credibility indicators become increasingly prevalent on Web pages, marketers need to know how to use them most effectively to help increase conversions... http://www.marketingexperiments.com/improving-website-conversion/using-testimonials-effectively.html

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Info-graphics: Three Simple Growth-hacking Sutras

Success is neither never ending journey nor instantaneous destination. This free Info-graphics show three important things that are essential in growth path.
  1. Seize current opportunity
  2. Deliver excellence
  3. Gain reputation

(Infographics source.)
Growth hacking infographics
Growth is to excel and gain reputation.

Main points in info-graphics 

  • Growth is to excel and gain reputation.
  • Growth possibilities and opportunities are for every one.
  • Opportunities differ at different reputation levels.
  • Climb the reputation ladder by gaining reputation in current opportunity.
  • Gain reputation by delivering excellence in the current opportunity.
  • Leverage on the reputation gained, to access better opportunity.
  • Higher on the reputation ladder, lesser the competition.
  • Lesser the competition, better growth.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Adding Hosted SAAS Application Extension for OpenCart

We have added  Wiwitness extension to Opencart. WIwitness is hosted SAAS application and Opencart  is  open source shopping cart. In this post I will show you the steps involved in adding an extension.

First step is , open a seller account with Opencart  if you don't have one.
Opencart is in php programming language, in-order to develop extension module, you need to know coding in php.
Read the information at this link and build your extension opencart developer document.
Login with your account and go to My Account -> Manage Extensions. There you will find an instruction "Submit a new extension here".
Before submitting your extension you should be ready with following things :

  • Your extension name.
  • Logo of your extension.
  • 693x200px banner of your extension.
  • 4-5 Screenshots .
  • Description of your business.
  • Installation instructions.
  • Downloadable zip file of your extension.
Fill the form with required information and submit. You are done. Your extension will be live instantly. You can view or update it any time. A new extension profile page will be created for your extension, and statistics about downloads and views are displayed on the page.

 Share your questions in comments.  

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Creating Wordpress Plugin for SAAS Application

saas application as wordpress plugin

Wordpress is the most popular CMS platform with more than 60 million downloads already. Developing your application plugin for the giant will help  websites to easily integrate your service.

Recently Wiwitness developed a wordpress plugin for displaying testimonial widgets.  In this blogpost I will summarize the steps need to be taken for creating and submitting your plugin.

If you don't have wordpress community account already, go to http://www.wordpress.org/support/ and open an account. 

Now develop your plugin using php programming language. You can find plugin development information at http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_a_Plugin.

Host your plugin for users to download. 

Hosting  your plugin on wordpress directory

In-order to get visibility for your plugin, you need to host your plugin with wordpress plugin directory. For hosting the plugin you need your plugin source code, readme.txt file and screenshot images of your application. Follow the below instructions for submitting your plugin for review.
  1.  Read terms and condition for submitting plugins. Every submission will be reviewed before letting you publish them.
  2.  Create readme.txt  file. Look at readme.txt file format here.
  3.  Get your readme.txt file validated  using this tool.
  4.  create 4-5 screenshots of your application in png format.
  5.  Put plugin source code, readme.txt file and screenshot images in a folder.
  6.  Zip the folder.
  7.  Submit your plugin here.
Your submission will be in queue for 5-6 before getting reviewed. You will be communicated with an email after approval. Email will have detailed instructions about how to proceed further.

 Share your questions in comments.  

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Integrating SAAS Applications with Google Chrome Store

hosted saas application and google chrome store integration

Recently we have integrated Wiwitness with google chrome store. In this blogpost I will show you the step by step process of integrating your hosted SAAS application into google chrome webstore.

Get the authority of website serving your SAAS application

Make sure you can prove ownership of the site that hosts your web app. Get your web app ownership verified with google webmaster tools.

Information you need to be ready with 

  1. Your application name.
  2. Your application description.
  3. Url from which application will be launched.
  4. Any other urls you want to mention along with your applications
  5. If you have youtube video explaining your application, get the link of it.

You need to have following images

  1. Logo png  image of 24x24 pixel size. Name it as 24.png.
  2. Logo png  image of 128x128 pixel size. Name it as 128.png.
  3. Take 4-5 screenshot png images of your app. Size of screenshots should be of 640x400 or 1280x800 pixel size.
  4. A promotional title png image of the size 440x280 pixels.
  5. Another promotional png image of the size 920x680 pixels.
  6. Bigger banner png image of the size 1400x560 pixels.

How much does it cost?

If you are submitting your first application, you need to do one time payment of $5 using google checkout before publishing.

Now you are ready with everything that is needed for integrating your hosted website.

G to chrome store Getting Started guide and start integrating.

What you can expect?

Your SAAS application will be discovered by chrome store audience who are looking for services like yours.

Share your questions in comments. 

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Where To Put Testimonials On a Website

In our previous posts we have seen how to increase conversion rate using verifiable testimonials on your website. We have also learned what a perfect testimonial looks like. However to realize the full potential of customer testimonials, you will need to learn one more thing about testimonials. That is "where to place testimonials on a website". I keep hearing this question often on various web developer and even marketing forums.

In this blog post, I will try to explore placement of testimonials in depth. We will also look at:
  • Why placement of testimonials is important?
  • Why should you care?
  • Possible options / What others are doing?
  • Action plan for you!


Most of the successful web developers and online business owners understand the importance of testimonials. That is why we see testimonials being featured on almost all of the websites. Every such website allocates a significant portion of their online real estate to display testimonials. These days you here a lot about testimonials. Thanks to the new set of rules governing testimonials by FTC(Federal Trade Commission), there has been a constant increase in demand for better tools, systems and strategies to manage customer testimonials(relevant links can be found at the end of this post).  However, not everyone understands the importance of correct placement of testimonials in a website. There's no hard rule about where to display testimonials. We will explore more below.

Why placement of testimonials is so important?

We all know why we use testimonials. Their purpose is to instill confidence in prospect users and help to improve conversion rate. For this to happen, the prospects should read the testimonials first! This may sound obvious, but improperly placed testimonials are ineffective. Blindly adding testimonials at random places in your website will not guarantee any success! They should be presented to prospects at the right time to persuade a conversion.

Why should you care?

As with any business decision, placement of testimonials should be decided with due care. So, it is advicable for any web developer or website owner to understand this and place testimonials in places where it's more effective.

Possible options

Here are some of the places on website where you can display testimonials.
  • Home Page: Featuring a couple of high-value testimonials on your home page will encourage your new visitors to engage further with your website. If your business depends heavily on testimonials, it's better to have at least one verifiable testimonial on your home page.
    Testimonial on home page, testimonial sample
    Testimonial on home page

  • Side Bar: Having testimonials on side bar is recommended for e-commerce sites. Testimonials will be visible while the prospect is browsing or searching for various products on the site. It's much effective when used near "Check out" or "Add to cart" button. Users are more likely place order if they see someone else giving testimonial for a product/service they are about to purchase.
  • Product page: When the testimonial is for a particular product, it makes sense to add it to your product detail page. You can have long and descriptive testimonials here. This is where your prospect is going to spend time to learn more about your product.
    Testimonial placement, best position for testimonial, testimonial sample

  • Dedicated page: It's not uncommon to have testimonials on their own page. This is helpful to address casual browsers who are curious to know who your customers are and what they are saying about your product/service/company. Generic testimonials that endorse your business or service can go in this section.

Action plan for you!

Now that we know what are the options we have, it's time to act on using what we learned for our benefit. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, when it comes to placement of testimonials there's no one-size-fits-all solution. I suggest a combination of above options.

  • One short and powerful testimonial on home page and detailed product specific testimonials on product page.
  • Testimonial on fixed side bar and near call-to-action area(like "Place order" or "Checkout")
  • Any of the above two and a dedicated testimonials page. Testimonials on other pages can link to this.
I encourage you to try different combination on your website and find out what works best for your product/service. Along with placement, you can also try special effects like "slide show", where testimonials change every 4-5 seconds.

Useful Links:
Advertising and Marketing on the Internet: Rules of the Road [PDF]
Harnessing The Power Of Customer Testimonials On Websites
How To Increase Conversion Rate
Verifiable Testimonials Explained
Anatomy of a Good Website Testimonial

Do you use testimonials on your website to increase testimonials? Share your experience in comments. You are encouraged to try different approach suggested in this article and share your experience in comments.

Also check out www.wiwitness.com, our awesome systematic reputation management solution that comes with system, tools and strategies to use testimonials to increase conversion rate.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Anatomy of a Good Website Testimonial

Testimonials are your website's certificates. Testimonial's power as a marketing tool is undeniable.

It gives you the ability to instill confidence in your customers about service or product your website is offering. We've all seen big brands produce incredible results from using testimonials, but not nearly as often as you would expect.

While there are several variables that factor into the end result you can produce from testimonials, there's one very basic skill that many brands and businesses have failed to master, that is the art of creating the perfect Testimonial.

You can harness full potential of testimonial only if your customer perceive it as authentic.

In this article you will find qualities of a good website testimonial design.

good website testimonial template

  1. Product/Service Name:  For what it is given

    Testimonial should be given very specifically to what you are claiming. If it sounds like it is received under different circumstances, it will be irrelevant and  not effective.
  2. Writer Info:  Who has given it

    Testimonials from reputed people in your field will have relatively better results. Your testimonial strategy should include getting them from people who have more authority and influence in your audience domain.
    Name and photo of the writer are must, title and organization name can be published optionally.
  3. Identity:  Is  identity of the writer verifiable

    Your website visitor should able to verify the identity of the writer. Link the identity information with writer's public profile on the Internet.
  4. Verification Seal:   Is it verified by third party

    Your new visitor should not perceive it as you have made it up. It should be verified and maintained by a trusted third party. Third party should confirm it is given by the mentioned person. Reason for having testimonial on your website is to give evidence for your claims. There is a strong need for you to give evidence for validity of testimonials on your website.
  5. Message Text:  What has been said

    In the absence of any guidance, customers will frequently state simply that what you did was "good" or "great".
    Better testimonial tells about
    • Why a customer needs your services
    • Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
    • Sharing happy experiences your customer had with you.
  6. Layout: What is it's design

    Show the testimonials to instantly grab attention and in the most-effective proven way for maximum return.
    Testimonial template should be visually appealing. Decide on number of testimonials, font size, order and where on your website you want to show them.
  7. Date & Place:  When and where it is given

    Mentioning date and place of receiving it gives more authenticity. Recency of them will have more impact in some cases.
When it comes to testimonials, quantity doesn't matter much. Only 6% of the prospects will read more than 3 of them, while 90% of the prospects are influenced by testimonials.

  Info-graphics on testimonial design and user behavior

 You need to be keen on order in which they are displayed, you should show best 3 testimonials on top.

Your testimonial marketing strategy should focus on getting better testimonials than getting more number of them.

Get the benefits of Verifiable Testimonials. Signup for Wiwitness.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wiwitness Tools for Your Website Reputation Management

What Do You Get When You Use Wiwitness?
Here are the tools that make your websites convert more visitors into revenue.

Trust Widgets

You will get widgets to display and collect verifiable testimonials of your choice on your website.
Trust Widget will have business validation seal by Wiwitness and socially verifiable* testimonials.
  • Instill confidence in your visitors
  • Increase conversion rates
* There is significant difference in impact on visitor when you display testimonials whose origin can be verified in real time.
  • Wiwitness validation of your website and display validation information on your website.
  • Real time customization of testimonials based on priority, recency and other business needs of your website
Displaying Trust Widget on your website can be done by adding small JavaScript to your website.
It is so simple, it can be done in less than 30 seconds.

Java Script code to embed Wiwitness widget on customer site

Responsive Business Page

When you start using Wiwitness you will get a Responsive Business Page. On this page visitors can find your business verification status, and all the testimonials managed by you. The Trust Widgets on your website are linked to your business page.
  • This instant verification more than anything will establish that crucial trust and credibility with your customers.
  • Responsive web design (RWD)* is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience - across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)
  • Business Page is specially designed to influence customer conversion rate and also to rank better with search engines.
  • Your business page will have options to collect testimonials from your customers social identity.

*Google recommended SEO practice. Link
Sample Responsive Business Page



You can manage your testimonials, widgets and business pages in a single dashboard.
Here are the two short videos showing using Wiwitnss dashboard for creating your business profiles and managing testimonials.


  • Right out of the gate, you'll learn a step-by-step system that delivers definable, repeatable results that would boost your business profits.
  • With our members only study materials, you'll also learn a series of powerful methodologies and processes so that you become nothing less than the most competitive enterprise on earth when it comes to building on-website reputation.
  • All subscription plans come with free email support. We will respond to all questions.

Get the benefits of Verifiable Testimonials. Signup for Wiwitness.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Verifiable Testimonials Explained

In this blog post I will address the following:
  1. What is a verifiable testimonial?
  2. Verifiable testimonials using Wiwitness
    1. Collect
    2. Manage
    3. Display
  3. How visitors can verify

What is a verifiable testimonial?

Testimonial is a "personal recommendation in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim". TFD(The Free Dictionary)defines testimonial as
"a recommendation of the character, ability, etc., of a person or of the quality of a consumer product or service, esp by a person whose opinion is valued"
Testimonials have been used effectively to sell a wide range of products for centuries. Key point here is, when you use testimonials, you should know how to use it effectively.
Effectiveness  of the testimonial depends on two factors:
  1. What has been said in the testimonial.
  2. Who has given the testimonial.
Testimonial author's identity should be verifiable in real time.

Let's try to explore these factors in little more detail.

What has been said in the testimonial:

I'll keep this section short. A lot has been said about what should be covered in a testimonial. The content of the testimonial should be thoroughly reviewed before displaying on your website. Since testimonials are critical for boosting your conversion rate, you are likely to feature them on your home page and other landing pages. Testimonials should therefore be given utmost care to make sure:
  1. They are free from obvious spelling and grammar errors
  2. Specific to a certain product or service
  3. Clearly highlight the benefits of your service/product

Who has given the testimonial:

Notice the last part of the definition I mentioned above:
....esp by a person whose opinion is valued" 
This clearly highlights the importance of author of the testimonial. When you have testimonial on your website, your visitors should able to verify the identity of its author.
When a visitor can not verify the identity of testimonial's author, either he will suspect it or ignore it. In either case your testimonial is not effective.

Hence, to get most out of testimonials, it is critical for you to let your visitors know the identity of testimonial's author. And that is useful only if they can verify it in real time.

Now that we know the importance of verifiable testimonials, we'll see how to get them for your website using Wiwitness.
Using Wiwitness you can collect,manage and display verifiable testimonials. And it is simple and and easy to do.

How do we do that?

  1. Wiwitness allows you to collect testimonials using your clients' social networking identity.
    When you signup with Wiwitness, your business will get a responsive landing page similar to this. You can find "Write Now" button at top right corner of the page. Your clients can write testimonials using their social identities.
  2. Managing the testimonials collected.
    When your business receives a new testimonial, you will be notified with an email about the same. New testimonials will be in pending state and are not displayed to public. You can login to Wiwitness dashboard and accept or hide the new testimonials received.
  3. Displaying the verifiable testimonials to your visitors.
    You can display the testimonials to your visitors in two ways
    1. On your responsive business page.
    2. Using testimonial widgets.

How visitor can verify the identity of the testimonial author?

Each testimonial displayed by Wiwitness system will have name and photo of the testimonial author. Name and photos are linked to author's social identity.

Here is a sample Testimonial widget , you can verify the identity of the testimonial authors by clicking on their name or photo.

Get the benefits of Verifiable Testimonials. Signup for Wiwitness.

Write your thoughts in the comment section.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wiwitness is Live!

We are excited to announce that Wiwitness(Beta) is now live!
    Wiwitness is a Systematic Reputation Management Solution for Online Businesses. Wiwitness will enable you to automate the testimonial collection process. With it's powerful website builder you can create responsive landing page for your business.

The main features of Wiwitness include:
  1. Fully responsive landing page for your business.
  2. Highly flexible "trust widget" to display testimonials on your website.
  3. Set of tools that give fine-grained control over testimonials.
These powerful set of features, backed by comprehensive help and video tutorials.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified about new features and video tutorials.

The website is up and running. Our early adopters are loving the product. Take a look at this sample page. Want to see our cool trust widget in action? See it here.

Though we have aimed at building intuitive user experience with easy-to-use tools, becoming familiar with our website may take some time. While we are working on adding more help materials, we are more than happy to assist if you need help with specific task.

We have made it easy for you to contact us. You can leave a comment on our Facebook Page or send an email to hello@wiwitness.com

Why wait? Go explore www.wiwitness.com

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Get the benefits of Verifiable Testimonials. Signup for Wiwitness.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Harnessing The Power Of Customer Testimonials On Websites

Traditionally testimonials are used as major business conversion tools. It is evident that client testimonials speak louder than any sales brochure.

Online businesses are accessed remotely, and customer testimonials play even more important role in establishing website's trustworthiness. That is the reason why 80% of the top converting websites show testimonials before call for action.

In this article let me show you, 
  •  Few samples of top converting websites using testimonials. 
  •  Why do testimonials don't work well in many cases.
  •  How can we make best use of testimonials on our website.

Customer Testimonial Samples

Look at what internet giant Google is doing with home page of its advertising service that earns 92% of its revenue.  25% of the view port is reserved for  displaying customer testimonial. 
customer testimonials sample

Yahoo small business home page call for action view port reserves 25% of the space for customer testimonials.
customer testimonial sample

Here is another sample of conversion rate expert website dedicating 50% of its view port for text and graphical testimonials.
client testimonials sample
Online Trust seal provider site giving  40% of the view port for testimonials.
client testimonial sample

All the top converting websites understand one thing in common, testimonials sell.

Why Some Testimonials Don't Work?

Good testimonials sell  everywhere and all the time, only reason most testimonials don't sell is people don't trust their validity. When  identity of the testimonial giver is not verifiable, it is natural to suspect the authenticity of it.

In online world, reputation is the new currency. With great power comes greater risk misusing it. Where there is counterfeit money, real money is suspected too.

Internet is full of  fake or counterfeit testimonials. If testimonials you display are not verifiable, default assumption of people is to ignore it or suspect it.

bad reputation unverified testimonials
Counterfiet currency

Testimonials which look like following are by default registered as counterfeit testimonials in your website visitors mind.

Your service is best of all, excellent.
— Tom
This product is magic wand! wow!
— Dick
This solved all problems in my life! Thanks!
— Harry  
Even showing faces and videos don't work if givers identity is not verifiable. Showing face and video approach is diluted by businesses using  counterfeit photo and video testimonials.

Producing counterfeit testimonials has become big business by itself, let me show you some samples.

Freelancer sites are full of people who make counterfeit testimonials.
sample testimonial videos

There are many online services to produce counterfeit testimonials.

sample video testimonial
Video testimonials are not enough

Here is another sample:

sample video testimonials

If genuine businesses like ours and yours have to take complete benefit of power of testimonials online, we need to prove what we show are not counterfeit testimonials. If we don't prove that, people will ignore it or suspect it. That will not help us in gaining our website visitors confidence.

How To Harness The Power Of  Website Testimonials?

Getting testimonials from our customer's online social profile will let your visitors verify the origin in real time. 

Ideal online testimonial should have the following attributes.
  • Name and photo of the testimonial giver should be displayed along with the testimonials.
  • Testimonial should be linked to givers online public profile.
  • Testimonials should be maintained by trusted third party platform.
  • Third party platform should have a system  to verify if testimonial is given by mentioned person.

For more on it, please read "ideal website testimonial design".

Grow your business with the power of testimonials, live life being reputed. 

What has been your experience with customer testimonials? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

Get the benefits of Verifiable Testimonials. Signup for Wiwitness.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Systematic Reputation Management Solution for Online Businesses

Being in business and growing it involves reaching more people every day. An online business has the potential to grow 24/7. You may have thousands of visitors seeing your webpage, but engaging them and converting them to your customers is completely different ball game.

Is low conversion rate hindering the growth of your business? Read along to know how to improve your conversion rate.

A healthy Conversion rate is a critical need for sustainable growth of your business. Growth in your customer base will result in increased revenues and profits.

In your online business you bring prospects to your website using your favorite tools and tricks. The internet is full of advises on how to bring traffic to your website. But, as you already know, traffic is not revenue. You will have to put in a solid system to maximize the conversion rate.

Two Things That Influence Conversion Rate The Most

  1. Product/Service Offerings
    Communicate your business offerings clearly on the landing page of your website. Get your prospects interested in your offerings and encourage them to explore more.
  2. Trust
    Provide relevant data to enable prospects to verify what you claim. Add trust factors and evidences, give verifiable references/testimonials to build trust in your business.

Wiwitness is a Systematic Reputation Management Solution built to empower you with tools to better manage the trust factor. Wiwitness enables you to boost your conversion rate by providing System, Strategy and Tools to manage your reputation better. It helps your business achieve exponential growth by guiding you through a proven process for Reputation Management.

Now, let's understand what goes on when a prospect visits your website:

Website Conversion Flowchart

website conversion flowchart

Wiwitness Solution components

  1. Your website will get Wiwi trust seal after verification of the authenticity in your offerings.
  2. Automated customers testimonial collection.
  3. Dynamic widget engine that enables you to display verified trust factors about your offerings in your website. You can present trust seal and testimonials of your choice.
  4. Build your Wiwitness trust page with verifiable trust factors about your business using our responsive page builder.
  5. Easy to use dashboard to manage your Wiwitness account.
  6. Guides and tutorials to help you make optimal use of Wiwitness solution.
  7. Reliable customer support.
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Online Profile: Your Most Neglected Other Self

We all have Online Profiles. Many of us have several online profiles. These are our representatives on Internet. And it's critical that they do their job well!

So, how should be your online profile with an edge? What makes a winning online profile?

The answer is really simple! It should be "powerful" and "beautiful".

How powerful it should be?
It should be as powerful as you are in the real world.

You need not and  you can not present yourself as more powerful than you really are. Whoever you may be, you are already powerful enough.

Problem is you are not presenting who you are in the way it suppose to be.

This article is an attempt to question this mass hysteria of 'powerful leaders' acting like 'powerless followers'.

It is funny but true. There are online games where you can decorate and feed  fish, pets & farm animals. But there is no online home for you which you can be proud of. You have been using connection and communication tools to present yourself online. Using many communication or any other online tools to present your profile is leading to dilution of online identity.

It is already known to you, your online presence is no more virtual presence. Lot of real world decisions happen online.

You would get lot of opportunity to prosper in your life because of your online presence. Your online presence is very much real. It is you who is there.

Few questions to ask yourself with respect to what's happening online:
  1. Would you tolerate if some one litters your house fence/compound? If not why?
  2. Would you keep everything that you find in your home in a showcase or you keep only those things which are worthy of it?
  3. Would you keep the certificates and medals won by you in a container which holds old news papers and magazines?
You get the point. Right?

Your profile is not a bill board, it is your home. You have to keep it clean, simple and beautiful.  Do not fill your fence with random advertisements. Visitors to your online profile should have a pleasant experience. Touch  human sense and get connected aesthetically. Get full control of your online home and make it beautiful.

Your profile galleries are not go-downs! They are show rooms. Do not keep all the activities you do, everything that you have and everything that you know there. Keep those that matter the most. Keep those you are proud of. Treat it like that showcase in your living room.
Again the question is, what makes an online profile powerful AND beautiful?

A powerful profile is one that is
  1. Clutter free. It will have only necessary things in it. No nonsense! 
  2. Focused. No distractions or value dilution.
  3. Systematic. Reliable system for presenting and managing things that you are proud of.
  4. Aesthetically pleasing. Tasteful, artistic, classy look and feel to make your visitors happy.
  5. Real. It should represent your true identity with accuracy and authority.
Every one deserves the best in life. Many people we interacted with, expressed a strong need for a platform with human touch. That motivated  us to commit ourselves to make it real. We find our pride in making your online presence a beautiful experience.

You are invited to own your proud online home with WiWitness. We would always be striving hard to give the best online presence and experience that you deserve.

Make your online presence a beautiful experience for you and others. Be proud of who you are and live life being reputed.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How To Increase Conversion Rate

Do you own a website? Are you struggling with low conversion rates?
Please go through this post if you are looking for ways to increase your conversion rate.
Lets quickly move on to typical sales cycle in online business.
  1. You built a great product or service model.
  2. You already know how to create the buzz using Press releases, your offline and online social networks.
  3. You already know how to attract people to your site with different online marketing techniques
    1. Article marketing
    2. Social media marketing
    3. Pay per click marketing and so on.
  4. Now a new prospect arrives to your website
  5. You claim everything possible to make her swipe credit card.

    Tragedy is in most of the cases prospects do not convert to customers.
The much anticipated conversion does not happen!

If your conversion ratio is not good, any amount of effort to create buzz, publicity stunts on social media likes, advertisements to attract prospects to your website is a big waste of your time and money.

In first place prospects who come to your site is desperately looking for service or product you are providing. Your job is also to sell what he is looking for. You are claiming you would provide what he is looking for.

Still conversion does not happen. Why?
Even in freemium pricing model conversion does not happen.


Main reason is we do not stop and think why conversion is not happening. Just we do more publicity and popularity stunts and attract more of non converting traffic to our website.

This post is about answering the question, How to make conversions happen.

In finding answer to this question let us peek into the mind of a prospect.

You claim your service or product is the best and explain everything about why it is the best.

Truth is all the businesses she knows so far claim their product or service is the best.

"Simply you claiming you are the best is not the reason why she should trust you."

You declare Trial periods, freemium models, Money back guarantee.

With above promises you are asking her to take chance and spend her time and effort in verifying it.

Many other businesses are also asking her to try! She is well aware of the fact that she is not verification agency! :)

She comes to your site in search of a solution, she is not there to take 'Chances'

Online is mixture of good businesses and fraud businesses, she has enough reasons why she should not trust what you claim.

Then what would make her buy?

There is a good chance that she trusts some one else other than you saying good things about you than you claiming it yourself.

At the crucial moment of making decision, there are more chances of what others say matters more than what you claim.

"Okay, I have that covered", you say. You have good testimonials on your web site. But that hasn't helped you in increasing the conversion rate on your website.

Most of the websites already have testimonials on their websites, still conversions not happening as expected! why?

Here is the reason!
Those testimonials do not look genuine. Still worse, they look like you made them up. She cannot verify if it is you who claiming it in other names or if they are real testimonials from real customers.
Any testimonial on your website whose authenticity can not be  verified will repel the prospects.
Testimonials on you website, in order to be trustworthy have to satisfy the following two conditions.
  1. Authenticity of your testimonials should be verifiable: Your customers should be able to verify the author of testimonials.
  2. Testimonials  should be collected and managed by a reputed and trustworthy platform.
That's it! That's going to be the beginning of a new era in your online business. You will witness magic on your website with increased conversion rates and happier customers.

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