Friday, April 5, 2013

Online Profile: Your Most Neglected Other Self

We all have Online Profiles. Many of us have several online profiles. These are our representatives on Internet. And it's critical that they do their job well!

So, how should be your online profile with an edge? What makes a winning online profile?

The answer is really simple! It should be "powerful" and "beautiful".

How powerful it should be?
It should be as powerful as you are in the real world.

You need not and  you can not present yourself as more powerful than you really are. Whoever you may be, you are already powerful enough.

Problem is you are not presenting who you are in the way it suppose to be.

This article is an attempt to question this mass hysteria of 'powerful leaders' acting like 'powerless followers'.

It is funny but true. There are online games where you can decorate and feed  fish, pets & farm animals. But there is no online home for you which you can be proud of. You have been using connection and communication tools to present yourself online. Using many communication or any other online tools to present your profile is leading to dilution of online identity.

It is already known to you, your online presence is no more virtual presence. Lot of real world decisions happen online.

You would get lot of opportunity to prosper in your life because of your online presence. Your online presence is very much real. It is you who is there.

Few questions to ask yourself with respect to what's happening online:
  1. Would you tolerate if some one litters your house fence/compound? If not why?
  2. Would you keep everything that you find in your home in a showcase or you keep only those things which are worthy of it?
  3. Would you keep the certificates and medals won by you in a container which holds old news papers and magazines?
You get the point. Right?

Your profile is not a bill board, it is your home. You have to keep it clean, simple and beautiful.  Do not fill your fence with random advertisements. Visitors to your online profile should have a pleasant experience. Touch  human sense and get connected aesthetically. Get full control of your online home and make it beautiful.

Your profile galleries are not go-downs! They are show rooms. Do not keep all the activities you do, everything that you have and everything that you know there. Keep those that matter the most. Keep those you are proud of. Treat it like that showcase in your living room.
Again the question is, what makes an online profile powerful AND beautiful?

A powerful profile is one that is
  1. Clutter free. It will have only necessary things in it. No nonsense! 
  2. Focused. No distractions or value dilution.
  3. Systematic. Reliable system for presenting and managing things that you are proud of.
  4. Aesthetically pleasing. Tasteful, artistic, classy look and feel to make your visitors happy.
  5. Real. It should represent your true identity with accuracy and authority.
Every one deserves the best in life. Many people we interacted with, expressed a strong need for a platform with human touch. That motivated  us to commit ourselves to make it real. We find our pride in making your online presence a beautiful experience.

You are invited to own your proud online home with WiWitness. We would always be striving hard to give the best online presence and experience that you deserve.

Make your online presence a beautiful experience for you and others. Be proud of who you are and live life being reputed.

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