Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How To Increase Conversion Rate

Do you own a website? Are you struggling with low conversion rates?
Please go through this post if you are looking for ways to increase your conversion rate.
Lets quickly move on to typical sales cycle in online business.
  1. You built a great product or service model.
  2. You already know how to create the buzz using Press releases, your offline and online social networks.
  3. You already know how to attract people to your site with different online marketing techniques
    1. Article marketing
    2. Social media marketing
    3. Pay per click marketing and so on.
  4. Now a new prospect arrives to your website
  5. You claim everything possible to make her swipe credit card.

    Tragedy is in most of the cases prospects do not convert to customers.
The much anticipated conversion does not happen!

If your conversion ratio is not good, any amount of effort to create buzz, publicity stunts on social media likes, advertisements to attract prospects to your website is a big waste of your time and money.

In first place prospects who come to your site is desperately looking for service or product you are providing. Your job is also to sell what he is looking for. You are claiming you would provide what he is looking for.

Still conversion does not happen. Why?
Even in freemium pricing model conversion does not happen.


Main reason is we do not stop and think why conversion is not happening. Just we do more publicity and popularity stunts and attract more of non converting traffic to our website.

This post is about answering the question, How to make conversions happen.

In finding answer to this question let us peek into the mind of a prospect.

You claim your service or product is the best and explain everything about why it is the best.

Truth is all the businesses she knows so far claim their product or service is the best.

"Simply you claiming you are the best is not the reason why she should trust you."

You declare Trial periods, freemium models, Money back guarantee.

With above promises you are asking her to take chance and spend her time and effort in verifying it.

Many other businesses are also asking her to try! She is well aware of the fact that she is not verification agency! :)

She comes to your site in search of a solution, she is not there to take 'Chances'

Online is mixture of good businesses and fraud businesses, she has enough reasons why she should not trust what you claim.

Then what would make her buy?

There is a good chance that she trusts some one else other than you saying good things about you than you claiming it yourself.

At the crucial moment of making decision, there are more chances of what others say matters more than what you claim.

"Okay, I have that covered", you say. You have good testimonials on your web site. But that hasn't helped you in increasing the conversion rate on your website.

Most of the websites already have testimonials on their websites, still conversions not happening as expected! why?

Here is the reason!
Those testimonials do not look genuine. Still worse, they look like you made them up. She cannot verify if it is you who claiming it in other names or if they are real testimonials from real customers.
Any testimonial on your website whose authenticity can not be  verified will repel the prospects.
Testimonials on you website, in order to be trustworthy have to satisfy the following two conditions.
  1. Authenticity of your testimonials should be verifiable: Your customers should be able to verify the author of testimonials.
  2. Testimonials  should be collected and managed by a reputed and trustworthy platform.
That's it! That's going to be the beginning of a new era in your online business. You will witness magic on your website with increased conversion rates and happier customers.

Get the benefits of Verifiable Testimonials. Signup for Wiwitness.

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