Monday, September 23, 2013

Adding Hosted SAAS Application Extension for OpenCart

We have added  Wiwitness extension to Opencart. WIwitness is hosted SAAS application and Opencart  is  open source shopping cart. In this post I will show you the steps involved in adding an extension.

First step is , open a seller account with Opencart  if you don't have one.
Opencart is in php programming language, in-order to develop extension module, you need to know coding in php.
Read the information at this link and build your extension opencart developer document.
Login with your account and go to My Account -> Manage Extensions. There you will find an instruction "Submit a new extension here".
Before submitting your extension you should be ready with following things :

  • Your extension name.
  • Logo of your extension.
  • 693x200px banner of your extension.
  • 4-5 Screenshots .
  • Description of your business.
  • Installation instructions.
  • Downloadable zip file of your extension.
Fill the form with required information and submit. You are done. Your extension will be live instantly. You can view or update it any time. A new extension profile page will be created for your extension, and statistics about downloads and views are displayed on the page.

 Share your questions in comments.  

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