Monday, September 16, 2013

Creating Wordpress Plugin for SAAS Application

saas application as wordpress plugin

Wordpress is the most popular CMS platform with more than 60 million downloads already. Developing your application plugin for the giant will help  websites to easily integrate your service.

Recently Wiwitness developed a wordpress plugin for displaying testimonial widgets.  In this blogpost I will summarize the steps need to be taken for creating and submitting your plugin.

If you don't have wordpress community account already, go to and open an account. 

Now develop your plugin using php programming language. You can find plugin development information at

Host your plugin for users to download. 

Hosting  your plugin on wordpress directory

In-order to get visibility for your plugin, you need to host your plugin with wordpress plugin directory. For hosting the plugin you need your plugin source code, readme.txt file and screenshot images of your application. Follow the below instructions for submitting your plugin for review.
  1.  Read terms and condition for submitting plugins. Every submission will be reviewed before letting you publish them.
  2.  Create readme.txt  file. Look at readme.txt file format here.
  3.  Get your readme.txt file validated  using this tool.
  4.  create 4-5 screenshots of your application in png format.
  5.  Put plugin source code, readme.txt file and screenshot images in a folder.
  6.  Zip the folder.
  7.  Submit your plugin here.
Your submission will be in queue for 5-6 before getting reviewed. You will be communicated with an email after approval. Email will have detailed instructions about how to proceed further.

 Share your questions in comments.  

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